Time Expectations

All members are expected to participate in mandatory trainings and volunteer for their share of public and regional events.

MISSIONS (SEARCH & RESCUES): The basis of what we are about. These can happen any day, any time and quite often we have multiple missions going on at the same time. You may be asked simply to deliver food to a trailhead, hike a trail to interview people, help carry in a litter or medical equipment to a site, ride a horse, organize and run an avalanche probe line, or be lowered over a cliff attached to a litter to rescue someone. Most rescues occur in the Summer and Fall, but can happen at any time, 365 days a year.

MONTHLY MEETINGS: Held the first Monday of each month at the rescue cabin. Meetings usually last for 2 to 3 hours. This is an opportunity to learn of up coming training’s, review policy and rescues. These general meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 6pm unless the Monday falls on a holiday.  If the Monday falls on a holiday we usually reschedule the meeting (check with us).

EVENING & WEEKEND TRAINING’S: These are typically held several times each month. They may last from 1 to 3 hours, and are for increasing personal as well as team skills. Many of these trainings can count as continuing education for maintaining and renewing medical certificates such as EMT.

OUTDOOR EVENTS/AREA FAMILIARIZATION TRAINING’S: These special training’s are to give you and us the opportunity to work together in a Non-Rescue environment. We have in the past done day climbs of the nearby peaks, mountain bike and backcountry ski hut trips, snow camping, mountain bike and climbing trips to the Desert. These are a great opportunity to get to know the area in which we may have rescues, work on and increase personal skills and just get to know the people you may will be participating with on rescues.

WORK PARTIES: These are work sessions around the Cabin to repair and organize gear, fix things and get to know where and how the vehicles are packaged with gear. Expect to work for 3 hours. They are announced at the General meetings. Usually food and drink are provided.

CABIN DUTY: Yes everyone participates, unless you are a rescue leader, board member or actively participate in an area of special team needs such as newsletter writing, vehicles maintenance, tracking and thanking donors, etc.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Part of our mission is community education and one of the most well known MRA hosted events is our public annual avalanche training. We also help the community that supports us by providing medical and logistical support at local outdoor events such as the Golden Leaf races, Race for the Cure, and other events. We also provide training and support to the Wilderness Medical meetings that are hosted in our area. Another time demand is in providing evaluators for the recertification testing of other Regional Mountain Rescue teams.

RECERTIFICATION: This event happens every 5 years. We are reviewed in areas such as snow and avalanche rescue, high angle rescue, search, and scree evacuation. We begin training for these approximately 1 year in advance, and will spend many days training above and beyond the normal mandatory and Wednesday night training’s. Our next rectification is in the summer of 2012.