Support Membership

Individuals wanting to join the team must be accepted as a Support Member before being considered for Full membership. The membership committee of Mountain Rescue-Aspen (MRA) will periodically accept application for new support members on an as needed basis. Applicants for support membership in MRA shall meet the following:

a. Enrolled in or certified in professional rescuer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Medical First Responder (at a minimum), unless licensed to a higher medical standard;

b. Minimum 18 years of age;

Also, the following are recommended for application to support membership:

a. Valid Colorado drivers License;

b. Mountain and/or outdoor experience during the period of at least the last 5 years, including appropriate knowledge and ability to survive the Aspen environment at its worst;

c. Ability to sustain themselves for 48 hours in the field without support in adverse conditions.

Support Membership. The following must be satisfied in order for an applicant to become a support member.

Online Membership Application

PDF Download: – Support Membership Application