Full Membership

Full Membership

Membership. The following must be satisfied in order for a support member to become a full MRA member:1. Positive reviews by the Board of Directors and Rescue Leaders on performance during period of support membership;

2. Attendance at all mandatory trainings and pack checks (as set forth herein);

3. Participation in a minimum of 3 rescues;

4. Continuous demonstration of ongoing commitment to the team through participation in various team activities;

5. Current medical certifications of First Responder, Outdoor Emergency Care, EMT-B, or higher and CPR for professional rescuers;

6. Unanimous vote approving full membership by the Board of Directors acting as a membership committee, considering the support member’s skills, ability and knowledge, and his team compatibility. This recommendation will be announced to the general membership at the next meeting;

7. Approval by at least two-thirds vote of full members at a meeting duly announced in the corporation’s newsletter. Failure of a support member to receive a two-thirds vote shall mean that such support member must wait six months before requesting another such vote, unless a full member successfully petitions the Board of Directors in writing on behalf of such support member.

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